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Further to the matter of 1Ki.7:23-26 and the Hebews understanding of Pi:

(1) The ratio, inner circumference:outer diameter is given as 3 - the
number of 'divine perfection' - which also crops up in respect of the
supporting oxen and of the 300 knops on the rim. Further, the Temple (of
which this laver was part) had a cubic 'Holy of Holies'(1Ki.6:20), and
consisted of three parts: the Court, the Holy Place, and the Sanctuary.
We are further informed that it had three chambers round about

It seems highly likely, therefore, that the laver's designer had chosen
to achieve this ratio so that the result would indeed glorify God. {As a
spin off, the very real problem of representing a fraction in the text
was also avoided).

(2) In our first encounter with the mensuration of the circle and
sphere, Pi is introduced as 'three and a seventh', or 22/7 - an
approximation adequate for many practical applications. As a matter of
interest, this may be expressed as the decimal fraction,
3.142857142857..., and we observe the 6-digit sequence,'142857',
repeated ad infinitum. Treating this as a number in its own right, we
unearth a gem of recreational mathematics, thus:

(a) It is rich in factors:

142857 =

In particular, 37, 407 and 999 are factors.

(b) The 5 numbers formed by rotating its digits are
multiples of itself, thus:

142857 = S, say = 1.S
428571 = 3.S
285714 = 2.S
857142 = 6.S
571428 = 4.S
714285 = 5.S

(c) Reversing its digits, and rotating as before, we find
that 37, 407 and 999 continue as factors of each of the six

There is a direct link here with Genesis 1:1. Originally written in
Hebrew (a language with an alphabet of 22 letters), and comprising 7
words (which may be fairly read as numbers), we find:

(a) the verse total = 2701 = 37.73

(b) the 6th word = 407

(c) word 1 + word 3 = word 2 + word 4 + word 5 = 999

So an eye-catching 'recreation' emanating from a first approximation of
Pi leads to something rather significant. From many points of view, the
Bible's opening words are observed to be centred on the surest of all
earthly foundations - the natural numbers! Clearly, such 'coincidences'
do not evolve! However, there are many more. These are described at the
the URLs given below.


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