RE: invention of writing vs. tools (was: Evolution's Imperative)

Pim van Meurs (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:33:45 -0800

Cummins: A thousand years without writing isn't comparable to 115,000 without
writing. And, I don't believe that man went even a 1000 without writing.

But what YOU believe and what is reality could be quite different.

Even 5,000 years ago, there appears to have been a number of virtually unrelated and
very complex written languages. Maybe it took a thousand years before the
mass of writing became large enough for us to start noticing. Maybe there
was a big flood that destroyed most writing before 5,000 years ago.

Unlikely given the lack of evidence supporting such a flood.

Cummins: But, the problem is really not mine because I don't have to explain 115,000 without
writing, and then explain the relatively recent and sudden explosion of
writing in different areas of the globe.

What is so hard to understand about this ?

CumminsL There is always a need for writing among people who have even a small desire
to be civilized.

That is a very unsupported remark, as usual Cummins makes assertions he is unable to support.
He is arguing from his point of view rather than from reality.

> See

Cummins: Aw, I'm reminded of Nebraska Man, which showed that some Evolutionists don't
know the difference between an apeman and a pig's tooth. Or, Piltdown man
which proved that most of the Evolutionist community has no clue what a
modern human skull and a modern ape jaw look like!

Of course both were also exposed by the same "clueless evolutionists". It is interesting how Cummins somehow has forgotten these details.

Cummins: Evolutionists are funny creatures. A researcher could dig up a thousand
fossils, 999 of them would document the static nature of the fossil record,
and one fragment in such ondition that it can't be recognized and the
Evolutionist will jump up and down "HA, you can't recognize it because it's
transitional, Evolution must be true.

Nice strawman argument Cummins. Is this because you are afraid or unable to address what evolutionists really do. Are you that afraid? I'm truely sorry.