RE: Evolution's Imperative

Pim van Meurs (
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 12:28:42 -0800

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> Cummins: What kind of physical head trauma did you suffer that
> caused enough damage for you to be able to think that a "few
> years" is 95,000 years? And, if 95,000 years is a "few years"
> how many years is 5,000? A "year or two"? Were you born yesterday?
> Thanks CUmmins for showing once again that you cannot deal with
> arguments and have to resort to ad hominems. Is the foundation of
> your arguments so weak that this is all you can come up with ?

CumminsL So, you don't think that someone who refers to 95% (vs. 5%) of homo sapien
existence on Earth as a "few years" deserves an ad hominem reply? Isn't really the
person who resorts to such silliness the one that can't deal with my arguments?

Poor argument dear Cummins. Noone deserves an ad hominem reply. Your use of such shows that you are the one unable to deal with the argument and has to use personal attacks.

> Assuming he could write, how long do you think his writings would
> survive ? But your argument that if he can manufacture tools he
> can write is based upon an illogical presumption that writing is
> a simple process.

Cummins: Simple for me, maybe not for you. One need not be Shakespeare to use a few
symbols, or to draw a few pictures.

Once again Cummins is drawing from his own experiences. But similarly to riding a bike being natural to some and a complex task to others, one should not look at the task with a 20/20 hindvision. Developing a written language is quite a complex task since it involves agreement among the group, a language. SO perhaps it is time for Cummins to do some research?