RE: Evolution's Imperative

Cummins (
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:02:47 -0600

> []On Behalf Of Pim van Meurs

> Cummins: What kind of physical head trauma did you suffer that
> caused enough damage for you to be able to think that a "few
> years" is 95,000 years? And, if 95,000 years is a "few years"
> how many years is 5,000? A "year or two"? Were you born yesterday?
> Thanks CUmmins for showing once again that you cannot deal with
> arguments and have to resort to ad hominems. Is the foundation of
> your arguments so weak that this is all you can come up with ?

So, you don't think that someone who refers to 95% (vs. 5%) of homo sapien
on Earth as a "few years" deserves an ad hominem reply? Isn't really the
person who
resorts to such silliness the one that can't deal with my arguments?

> Assuming he could write, how long do you think his writings would
> survive ? But your argument that if he can manufacture tools he
> can write is based upon an illogical presumption that writing is
> a simple process.

Simple for me, maybe not for you. One need not be Shakespeare to use a few
symbols, or to draw a few pictures.