Where's the Evolution?

Cummins (cummins@dialnet.net)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:52:31 -0600

> [mailto:evolution-owner@udomo3.calvin.edu]On Behalf Of Pim van Meurs

> Ah so you really have no evidence against evolution but consider
> lack of people addressing your example to your satisfaction to be
> example of such ? Please explain "indefinity increase of
> complexity" as it applies to evolution. Explain why there is a
> need for indefinite increase in complexity, define complexity in
> a way that can be measured and explain why evolution is a closed system.
> It seems to me that you are unable to argue the vaste amounts of
> evidence supporting evolution.

You Evolutionists avoid real debate better than anyone else under the sun.
Why don't you just use your best judgment and if you're being obtuse, I'll
let you know.

Okay, I'll get you started. Do you consider a human to be more complex than
ameba? If so/not, why? Do you think there's something fundamentally
about the limits of change that allow a snowflake to form from water vs.
amebas to mutate into humans? If so/not, why?