RE: Evolution's Imperative

Pim van Meurs (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:05:27 -0800

Cummins: What kind of physical head trauma did you suffer that caused enough damage for you to be able to think that a "few years" is 95,000 years? And, if 95,000 years is a "few years" how many years is 5,000? A "year or two"? Were you born yesterday?

Thanks CUmmins for showing once again that you cannot deal with arguments and have to resort to ad hominems. Is the foundation of your arguments so weak that this is all you can come up with ?

> Why do creationists disagree about whether Homo erectus was human?

Cummins: How old do the modern myth-makers say homo erectus is? Approaching a
couple million years? Is it your assertion that he was smart enough to
manufacture tools, but too stupid to learn even crude writing, couldn't
draw a picture of a constellation?

Assuming he could write, how long do you think his writings would survive ? But your argument that if he can manufacture tools he can write is based upon an illogical presumption that writing is a simple process.