RE: where's the evolution?

Pim van Meurs (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:52:11 -0800

CumminsL Let's review: I challenged evolutionists for any empirical example of an
indefinite increase in complexity in a closed system. You told me that I was ignorant
because Evolution doesn't happen in a closed system.

Indeed, and you have yet to show that evolution requires an "indefinite increase of complexity in a closed system". Your challenge first needs a foundation. Lacking that it collapses on its own.

Cummins: We both are well aware that a system can be called "closed" yet still receive external energy.

That depend how "closed" is defined.

Cummins: So, again, what besides energy is entering the Earth system that contributes to Evolution? Do you believe in aliens or God? Whatever the case, I have no interest in your artificial

And why do you suggest that energy is not sufficient ?

Cummin: End of debate, you lose.

Because you end the debate he loses ? Me thinks that your understanding of logic and debate are suffering from the same problem as your "indefinite complexity argument". They lack a foundation.