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Pim van Meurs (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:39:50 -0800

Ah so you really have no evidence against evolution but consider lack of people addressing your example to your satisfaction to be example of such ? Please explain "indefinity increase of complexity" as it applies to evolution. Explain why there is a need for indefinite increase in complexity, define complexity in a way that can be measured and explain why evolution is a closed system.
It seems to me that you are unable to argue the vaste amounts of evidence supporting evolution.

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> Andrew? Is that you? The completely groundless, but sweeping,
> claims made concerning the integrity of others fits my
> recollection pretty well.
> Wesley

Yes, it's me. And, I'm still waiting for an emperical example of an
indefinite increase of complexity in a closed system (evolution). So far
you've hypothesized the equivalent of an invisible pink unicorn
(evolution)and you say it's running around because you can see its tracks in
the ground (the circumstantial evidence). Present the unicorn -- I say
those are just horse tracks.