Re: Evolution's Imperative

Bodester (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:56:36 -0500 (EST)

>Another problem with your scenario: a cylinder with an outer diameter of
>10 cubits and an inner circumference of 30 cubits cannot have a thickness
>of only a single handbreadth (one-quarter of a cubit). It must have a
>thickness of half a cubit -- two handbreadths -- to be a proper Euclidian
>cylinder (10 cubit outer diameter minus a 9.5 cubit inner diameter leaves
>0.5 cubit thickness). So either the cylinder was not Euclidian, or the
>Scriptural passage is wrong for yet another reason. Or the passage is
>simply not to be taken literally, in which case even though God said it,
>we don't have to accept it as literally true.

Not to nitpick, but that .5 cubit (10-9.5) is in the diameter. Divide that
in half for the TWO sections of the wall you include (on each side) and
you have one handbreadth. Another way to see this is calculating the
radius difference (5 - 4.75 = .25)

Sorry, math major! :)


Jason Bode