Re: Evolution's Imperative

Kevin O'Brien (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:00:32 -0700

>>I think if the 10-cubit measurement was an inside diameter and the
>>circumference was measured around the outside, and if the wall was ~ an
>>inch thick, then the value of pi would work out.
>The value of pi *does* work out, to one significant digit. It's no
>more wrong to say pi=3 than to say pi=3.14.

Tell that to anyone who needs to know the exact value of either the
circumference or the diameter of a circle. For a circle of 10 meters, a 30
meter circumference represents a standard error of 4.5% compared to the true
value of 31.4 meters. For most architectural and engineering projects, that
high an error is intolerable; the architect or engineer who made your claim
to justify his error would be fired for incompetence.

>Even the alt.atheism FAQs
>admit that this is *not* an example of a mistake in the Bible.

Please Lord grant me patience.

I **agree**. My point, as ever and always, was that using Vernon's
super-literal, face-value approach to Scripture in fact forces us to doubt
the veracity of God's word which states that a circle 10 cubits in diameter
must produce a circumference of 30 cubits and vice versa even though we know
this is wrong. They only way we can reconcile what the Bible says with what
we know to be true is if we use one or another of the justifications that
have been offered by members of this list.

But Vernon would call such justifications evil.

Kevin L. O'Brien