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Vernon Jenkins (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:52:55 +0000

To the Forum:

In due course I shall be replying to those who have recently directed
their posts to me. But, for now, let me (a), offer a solution to a
problem originally posed by Kevin and (b), put a question to the TEs on
this list - particularly those with whom I've been in discussion.

First, regarding the early Hebrews' understanding of 'Pi':

In 1Ki.7:23-26, we read of the construction of a large cylinder. A
diameter is given (10 cubits - about 180"); a circumference (30 cubits -
about 540"); and a wall thickness (a 'handbreadth' - about 4"). Taking
the first as the outer diameter, and the second as the inner
circumference, we arrive at a reasonable value for Pi (correct to
0.07%!). Why should we ever have supposed that - as neighbours of the
pyramid builders - they would be as ignorant as Kevin and others

Then,concerning 'Adam'. In view of his great significance in the
Gospel's scheme of things, could I know how you regard him? Was he a
real person - the first man, and special creation of God - from whom the
first woman was made (as described in Gn.2)? Or was he one of many
hominids (females already being part of the general scenario) chosen
from the 'herd' to receive God's special blessing? Or, again, perhaps he
was just a mythological figure. Or, perhaps some don't think it really

I would be grateful for some clarification on what appears to me to be a
critically important issue.


"When I show a man he is inconsistent, I make him decide whether of the
two he loves better, the portion of truth he already holds, or the
portion of error." (J.H.Newman, Tract 85)

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