Re: The young age of Earth

Kevin O'Brien (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:48:48 -0700

Ami, in essence you do not want to accept the scientific definitions of life
and abiogenesis. That's OK with me, but don't set yourself up as someone
who can say that these definitions are too "esoteric" or in any other way
inappropriate based simply on your rather limited scientific education so
far. Most of what you said in this latest post is based more on a lack of
knowledge being filled in with philosophical and/or quasi-religious beliefs
than it is on any real knowledge of biology or biochemistry. As you go
further into studies, especially when you get into graduate school, you'll
eventually come to understand the basics well enough to see where I'm coming
from. Until then, as long as you are not willing to take my word for what
is the proper definition of life and abiogenesis, I can tell you nothing
that would make you change your mind.

If this sounds like a brush off, my apologies; I would be happy to explain
in private any part of what I've said that you do not understand. But you
need to learn more basic biology and biochemistry before you'll really
understand -- and accept -- why what I'm saying is true. You've made a good
start; keep at it.

Kevin L. O'Brien