Re: IC (Challenge)

Ami Chopine (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:43:50 -0800

Some institutions even have specific
>programs that encourage students to do this.

I remember applying for this program, but there was a huge waiting list
of both lab positions available, and students because they didn't have
enough money for the program. It really irritated me that they were willing
to give me money (a grant) and loan me money, but not pay me money to work
in the lab and increase my experience. (Sorry, off topic)

So if a new protein did create a product
>that was toxic to the cell (just as long as it was not immediately lethal),
>a new protein or system would be developed to handle it (this kind of thing
>is seen all the time in laboratory experiments and is well documented).

I would be interested in seeing some papers on this.

Thank you very much,

Ami Chopine