Re: Guidance of the Holy Spirit (was: Evolution's Imperative)

Kevin O'Brien (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 17:33:43 -0700

>Kevin O'Brien wrote:
>> I arrived at my assessment with help from the Holy Spirit. If I am
>> wrong, then the Holy Spirit is wrong as well.
>Whoa! This is amazing arrogance.

Not from the Christian point of view. Also, I was trying to counter the
arrogance of Vernon, who seems to believe that he has the only right answer,
by stating that I have come to the opposite conclusion, not by my own means,
but through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. I do not claim to be right
(since the Holy Spirit does not tell me everything), just not wrong (since
the Holy Spirit led me to my conclusion).

>Don't you think Vernon also believes
>that he's been guided by the Holy Spirit?

I'm sure he "believes" it; my point is that I know it. In my opinion,
Vernon has allowed his fear and hatred of evolution to blot out the guidance
of the Holy Spirit, so that what he thinks is such guidance is actually the
distortions of his own fear and doubt.

>Have you *never* made a decision
>that you thought was so guided, but turned out to be wrong?

Never, because I know when I am guided and when I am not.

>Have you never at least seen someone else do so?

You've lost me here; have I never seen someone else do what?

>What makes you think you're
>immune from this kind of mistake?

What kind of mistake are you talking about? A Christian knows when it is
the Holy Spirit that guides them, unless his or her heart is filled with
doubt, fear or hatred. You say you were once a Christian; was there never
a time when you knew the Holy Spirit was guiding you?

Kevin L. O'Brien