Re: Evolution's Imperative

Bodester (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:02:12 -0500 (EST)

>> >So I guess that when God says that Solomon had a circular tub built that
>> was
>> >thirty cubits in circumference and 10 cubits in diameter, the value of
>> pi
>> >must really be 3 (otherwise the circumference of a 10 cubit-diameter
>> circle
>> >would have been 31.5 cubits, or the diameter of a 30 cubit-circumference
>> >circle would have been 9.5 cubits). How can you possibly question this?
>> I think if the 10-cubit measurement was an inside diameter and the
>> circumference was measured around the outside, and if the wall was ~ an
>> inch thick, then the value of pi would work out.
>I think not - surely if the *inside* diameter were 10, the outside diameter
>would then be 10+2x (where x is the thichness of the wall). Then the
>circumference would have to be pi*(10+2x) which would be even more in excess
>of 30 than if the outside diameter were 10.

I noticed this discrepancy too Gary. If the OUTside diameter were 10, then
it would work out with an inside circumference. I didn't figure out how
thick the wall has to be though. Hey, I'm on spring break! Can't be
thinking too much now!


Jason Bode