Re: Evolution's Imperative (was Def'n of Science)

Susan Brassfield (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:55:39 -0600

>Susan wrote:
>> no, I think Jonathan is saying that these things are dangerous to use
>> without knowledge of evolution and natural selection.
>I fail to see this. Can you elaborate.

Ever get some antibiotics and the doctor/nurse/pharmacist says "be sure and
take *all* of these. Don't stop taking them when you start feeling better"?
All organisms have some variation in their genetic structure. Some bacteria
will be somewhat more resistant to the antibiotic than others. If you stop
taking the antibiotic, before *all* the bacteria are dead, then only the
resistant ones will survive to reproduce. Next time you will have the very
same disease and be prescribed the very same antibiotic and it will not
work. (Unfortunately even doing what your doctor tells you doesn't keep
some strains of bacteria from evolving antibiotic-resistance. New
antibiotics must be constantly developed in order to stay a step ahead of
evolution. Pesticides have the very same problem.)

>Vernon wrote:
>> > Anti-God and anti-biblical views in were, of course, in existence
>> > long before Darwin (as Henry Morris points out in 'The Long War
>> > Against God'). However, there can be no denying that both Marx and
>> > Hitler were particularly inspired by Darwinian ideas
>Susan wrote:
>> they were inspired by *what they thought* were Darwinian ideas.
>I believe they fully understood Darwinism and its implications. What did
>you have in mind here?

as others have pointed out, Marx was not influenced by Darwin. Hitler (like
a lot of social darwinists) thought he could define "fittest." In
biological evolution "fittest" refers to whatever keeps the population
alive and reproducing. Hitler didn't know anything about how genetics
works. It is spelled out very clearly in Origin of the Species that the
more variation a population has the more "fit" it is to survive. Basically,
the more variation a species has, the more survival tools it has in its
genetic toolbox. Hitler identified a subgroup that he didn't like (a
scapegoat he needed politically), declared it "unfit" in an ad hoc fashion
and then attempted to eliminate that genetic variation. His attempt to form
a "pure" race directly contradicts even a casual reading of Darwin.

>But why, then, do you seek an alternative to the clear revelation of the
>early chapters of Genesis?

who was seeking? It landed on Darwin. Stop taking your antibiotics too soon
and it will land on you too.



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