Re: Evolution's Imperative (was Def'n of Science)

Jonathan Clarke (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 07:44:45 +1100

Ami Chopine wrote on part:

> Maybe, we will be able to trace the whole process of life on earth someday,
> with confidence. And it will be quite obvious that it was the result of
> natural forces. And yet, there will be, there ARE those of us who look at
> this body of knowledge and see not something which denies God, but something
> which affirms His greatness without denying the conclusions required by the
> data at hand. It is a miracle.
> It is the ability to percieve subtle miracles which is a mark of faith, I
> think. I do not need grossly obvious signs of the hand of God to know that
> it is there.

Excellent analogy, one I have used on occasion as well. Everything is
miraculous in the Biblical sense that it is a sign and a wonder, if only we have
the eyes to see it. Just because things also work through "natural" law, does
not diminish the miraculous aspect, indeed for me it adds to it.

> God bless,
> Ami Chopine

You too