Re: Evolution's Imperative (was Def'n of Science)

Ami Chopine (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 23:20:56 -0800

Had already written this, but computer crashed before I sent it.

Evolution is no god. People who believe in this theory do not necessarily
question God or the Bible.

Have any of you had children? The process from pre-conception to birth has
been witnessed billions of times. Quite a bit is known about it. Of
course, there are details missing, but for the most part every step has been
traced. It is quite obvious that the advent of a child is the result of
natural forces. There is no obvious hand of God at work.

And yet. Yet...if you've birthed a child, or been present... Well, it is
very hard to deny that God is responsible for the creation of this child.
It is a miracle.

Maybe, we will be able to trace the whole process of life on earth someday,
with confidence. And it will be quite obvious that it was the result of
natural forces. And yet, there will be, there ARE those of us who look at
this body of knowledge and see not something which denies God, but something
which affirms His greatness without denying the conclusions required by the
data at hand. It is a miracle.

It is the ability to percieve subtle miracles which is a mark of faith, I
think. I do not need grossly obvious signs of the hand of God to know that
it is there.

God bless,

Ami Chopine