RE: where's the evolution?

Cummins (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 19:11:03 -0600

> []On Behalf Of Kevin O'Brien
> Thermodynamic systems (which is what we are discussing) have nothing to do
> with faith, aliens or evolution. Try reading a good book about
> thermodynamics some time.

Let's review: I challenged evolutionists for any empirical example of an
increase in complexity in a closed system. You told me that I was ignorant
Evolution doesn't happen in a closed system. We both are well aware that a
can be called "closed" yet still receive external energy. So, again, what
energy is entering the Earth system that contributes to Evolution? Do you
believe in
aliens or God? Whatever the case, I have no interest in your artificial

> You mean the biosphere, and yes, the biosphere is a closed
> system. But the
> biosphere doesn't evolve; only its living components evolve, and they are
> open systems.

Someplace in your pre-school education didn't someone explain the difference
an object and the container the object is in? My challenge didn't concern
the system
itself, just the complexity in the system -- such as life in a biosphere.
End of
debate, you lose.