Re: IC (Challenge)

Ami Chopine (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 22:43:37 -0800

>Nothing could be simpler. Want to try it yourself?
Cooooool. Yes, I want to play with toys like that. Wow, the things you
could do! The process you described includes the ability to reproduce a
specific new protein that had been created. So, if you get a really
interesting one, you can produce enough to really study its function. (Uhm,
provided you have the funding, etc) Cooool. I also see applications for use
in the medical field in searching for new treatments.

I am still thinking about these proteins in relation to IC. Something
doesn't quite fit with what I understand the definition of IC is. I'll get
back to you in a couple of days when it has stewed enough.

Thank you very much for a fascenating description,

Ami Chopine