Re: Auld lang syne, perhaps

Kevin O'Brien (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:35:31 -0700

>> Andrew? Is that you? The completely groundless, but sweeping,
>> claims made concerning the integrity of others fits my
>> recollection pretty well.
>> Wesley
>Yes, it's me. And, I'm still waiting for an emperical example of an
>indefinite increase of complexity in a closed system (evolution).

I realize that I am baiting a rabid bear here, but....

First of all, evolution does not work in a closed system; evolution works in
open systems.

Secondly, evolution is actually defined as the change in the frequency of
one or more genes within a population of organisms. Read any textbook by
Douglas Futuyma for the empirical evidence of this that you seek.

No doubt you will maintain that only macroevolution is truely evolution in
the sense you mean it. There too Futuyma can provide the empirical evidence
you seek.


Kevin L. O'Brien