Re: The young age of Earth

Ami Chopine (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:21:21 -0800

>What do you mean by "protein interface"? There is no proteinaceous
>present in the tRNA-amino acid complex.

I'm sorry for my mistake. Is there anything which connects tRNA to the
amino acid?

>Unless you left out some details, by your own admission your friend arrived
>2.5 hours after he left, therefore Pim's comment is quite accurate. You
>assume that it would take 12 hours to drive from San Francisco to Poland,
>but if your friend actiually did it in 2.5 hours your assumption is
Yes, he drove up, but there is another explanation. Bob flew here, and took
a rental. There is no way in today's world he could have driven here in the
alloted time, unless you want to stipulate a special exclusion.

>>Your reasoning is based on the assumption that abiogenesis is fact. It is
>>not. It is a theory.
>Actually, it is a fact, because we can reproduce it in the laboratory.

The formation of RNA and other replicating molecules in the laboratory does
not constitute abiogenesis. It is fascenating and it is one step closer.
If what has occured in the laboratory is what you claim took 500 million
years, then I concede.

Let me say here, that I am not opposed to naturalistic abiogenesis as a
theory, but then neither am I disposed towards it. Whatever the answer may
be, as to how life arose on this planet, it will be supremely interesting.


Ami Chopine