Re: The young age of Earth

Kevin O'Brien (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 06:22:37 -0700

>Pim, refering to genetic code arising from natural interactions:
>>Of course there are two problems here 1) are these interactions >random
>There could have been a chemical tendancy in the codons to be attracted to
>certain amino acids....

No, there is no such chemical tendency; at least, it has never been

>...and/or the protein interface between those amino acids
>and tRNA. Has this been shown?

What do you mean by "protein interface"? There is no proteinaceous material
present in the tRNA-amino acid complex.

>>The data suggest that this might not be correct. Abiogenesis had only a
>>0.5 billion years to happen.
>This is not a very sound conclusion. Let me use an analogy here.
>Lets say Bob, who lives in San Francisco, is visiting me in Portland. He
>forgot to say what mode of transportation he would be using, but I know
>he left 2 1/2 hours ago. Seeing him drive up, I comment that driving here
>would have taken him 12 hours. To which you reply: The data suggests that
>this might not be correct. Bob had only 2 1/2 hours to drive here.

Unless you left out some details, by your own admission your friend arrived
2.5 hours after he left, therefore Pim's comment is quite accurate. You may
assume that it would take 12 hours to drive from San Francisco to Poland,
but if your friend actiually did it in 2.5 hours your assumption is

>Your reasoning is based on the assumption that abiogenesis is fact. It is
>not. It is a theory.

Actually, it is a fact, because we can reproduce it in the laboratory.

Kevin L. O'Brien