RE: The young age of Earth

Pim van Meurs (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:46:55 -0800

Pim van Meurs wrote on Mon, 15 Mar 1999:

I had written:
> > Abiogenesis advocates have two problems to address: the origin of a
> > chemical structure that appears irreducibly complex and the origin of
> > biological information.
> I showed you data which indicate that IC systems can happen through gradual steps. So
> a cell being IC is no evidence against evolution.

The debate about IC systems has only just started! I'm not planning
to get too involved in the exchanges, but am certainly interested in
what contributions are made. At present, the IC arguments appear
very weighty to me.

This exchange is about abiogenesis. So what "evolution" are you
referring to above? Not Darwinian - because there is not yet a
self-replicating system.

It does not matter whether it be Darwinian evolution or not. IC systems can arise in gradual steps.
So perhaps it is time that the IC people support their ideas that such systems cannot arise naturally.