Re: Shh! - a quiet admission

Brian D Harper (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:41:37 -0800

At 10:02 PM 3/15/99 +0000, Vernon wrote:


>Of course, Richard Dawkins and others will be well aware that the
>peppered moth has for many years been trumpeted as a living example of
>evolution in action(even of 'macro-evolution', in some quarters!), and
>that this delusion will have influenced many hundreds of thousands of
>impressionable minds. They may even find satisfaction in the fact that
>the lie will, undoubtedly, affect many more, for as the commentator (an
>evolutionist) points out, "...(the story of) Biston
>recounted in almost every textbook on evolution." And, I might add,
>every encyclopedia carrying a section on 'Evolution'.

As I recall the story is also given by almost every creationist
writer as well. They usually say its an example of microevolution
which almost no creationist challenges. They also, until recently :),
emphasize how irrelevant the example is.

I wonder if it ever occurred to any creationist to actually try
to falsify the example. Instead they seem to merely have
accepted it while the evolutionists did what some say they
never do and challenged even something that was "cherished".

Really Vernon, I would hope that you would reflect on this a
little wrt some claims you have made recently. It really seems
to falsify them wouldn't you say?

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