Re: Shh! - a quiet admission

Kevin O'Brien (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 05:46:32 -0700

Vernon wrote:

>To the Forum:
>I came across this interesting article in yesterday's 'Telegraph':

[snip yet another episode of deja vu]

>Of course, Richard Dawkins and others will be well aware that the
>peppered moth has for many years been trumpeted as a living example of
>evolution in action (even of 'macro-evolution', in some quarters!)....

That's because it was (and still is, for that matter; see Coyne's comments)
a "living example of evolution in action". Scientists are only questioning
whether we identified the right cause for the shift from white to black
forms; the shift itself is documented history and is still considered to be
an excellent example of natural selection.

>that this delusion will have influenced many hundreds of thousands of
>impressionable minds.

Interesting that you should bring this up, because I was not exposed to the
peppered moth until college (which was also true for most people of my
generation), when I was at an age where I was far from "impressionable".
However, this statement simply reads like more paranoid delusion.

>They may even find satisfaction in the fact that
>the lie will, undoubtedly, affect many more, for as the commentator (an
>evolutionist) points out, "...(the story of) Biston
>recounted in almost every textbook on evolution." And, I might add,
>every encyclopedia carrying a section on 'Evolution'.

As it should have been.

>It is therefore clear that, as with the 'Piltdown hoax' and the
>forgeries of Ernst Haeckel, it will take many years before this
>disgraceful example of evolutionist subterfuge can be flushed out of our
>educational systems. Yet, as Dawkins observes, "...nothing momentous
>hangs on these experiments."

So I take it that not only do you believe that evolutionary scientists are a
metaphysical priesthood that will never abandon their "faith" despite
overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but that they are liars and cheats as
well. Aside from simply being more paranoid fantasy, this also demonstrates
the level of hatred you have for these people, since only someone who hates
evolutionists would assume the worst about them at all times with virtually
no evidence, simply because you fear what they stand for. You will almost
certainly deny this, but such hatred and fear is unworthy of a Christian.

Kevin L. O'Brien