Re: Evolution's Imperative (was Def'n of Science)

Bodester (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 11:44:54 -0500

>I'm not terribly interested in what wild-eyed fanatics think about
>any particular theory (& I would hesitate to place Dawkins or
>Crick in that extreme category); I'm interested in what "reasonable"
>people think. The fact is that there are reasonable scientists (Christians
>among them) who are not metaphysically wedded to scientism & who also
>happen to think that evolution can be addressed within the realm of
>science. One might be more effective worrying about what these people
>think than fanatics.

Most people aren't interested in that Tim, but I would say that who are
categorized as "wild-eyed fanatics" is a decision made by individuals. Some
people wouldn't hesitate to place either of your examples in extreme
categories, others who would place them on the border, and yet others who
would say they're right on to the truth. Extremism is entirely a matter of
opinion, sometimes shared by a number of people, but very relative (hmmm,
very postmodernistic for a Calvin student huh?) :)

I think all sides should be careful when addressing issues almost entirely
dependent on individual values.