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Tim Ikeda (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 05:14:08 -0500

Hello again, Jason.

I wrote:
>> I've heard that line of arguments too, mostly from those who've been
>> reading Lee Spetner's stuff. Is that your source?

>No actually, some of it is from my own observation and many articles
>I've read. (sorry I don't remember any specific names)

It's just that the discussion sounded very familiar...

[...about the Medline references...]
> Thanks, I'll look into Medline when I have time (could be a while,
> college is keeping me very very busy right now!) and get back to you
> on that.

Must be midterms...

I was going to suggest opening up the reading list a little, but then I
that most biologists don't spend time writing rebuttals to anti-evolutionary
journals -- even if they read the original articles. So the specific points
raised by someone such as Spetner are unlikely to be addressed in publications
directed at the general public. That leaves technical publications and
information, which, unfortunately, require some level of technical
to decipher. Ernst Mayr's books are quite good but a bit "thick slogging"
at times.

However, since you are in college, you do have other options...
I've looked over the staff pages in your college's bio department. There are
several with backgrounds in genetics & mol-bio who could probably help out or
provide some info. Given that the deparment's mission statement describes
a commitment to handle theories and "controveries" in biology (read:
with due caution & respect, (read: "we mostly favor evolution but we're
to the fact that this type of college draws many students who don't"), I'd bet
they've encountered similar questions before.

Tim Ikeda
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