Re: Just a funny thought

Bodester (
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 02:40:36 -0500

>>With regards to Tim's statement, I'm curious if there are any mutations
>>that result in an increase of genetic material and also are beneficial
>>(so any increases can survive the natural selection process). That's what
>>I meant by positive mutations. I've heard of beneficial mutations that
>>are losses of genetic information, but no increases.
>I've heard that line of arguments too, mostly from those who've been
>reading Lee Spetner's stuff. Is that your source?

No actually, some of it is from my own observation and many articles I've
read. (sorry I don't remember any specific names)

>If after this searching you truely cannot see any examples (including the
>ones referenced above) of "positive mutations resulting from an increase
>in genetic material", then perhaps we can pick a paper or two and go
>over them.
Thanks, I'll look into Medline when I have time (could be a while, college
is keeping me very very busy right now!) and get back to you on that.