Re: Evolution's Imperative (was Def'n of Science)

Vernon Jenkins (
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 22:34:40 +0000

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your gracious response to words that you clearly found
offensive. However, as I'm sure you'll agree, how we come to be here,
the purpose of our being here, and where we go from here, are matters of
such fundamental importance to all that we cannot afford to equivocate
and risk getting the answers wrong. Accordingly, I must immediately
challenge a comment you made in your penultimate paragraph, for this
expresses well what it is that divides us.

> I then told them (a student Bible class) that Christians hold many
> positions on creation/evolution and that such views were just
> sidelights, of no real importance to the Christian message, the Gospel
> of Jesus Christ. Salvation by grace through faith plus nothing.

In my view, the statement, '...sidelights...of no real importance...' is
both tragically complacent and ill-founded. Let me show you why:

In exchange for faith in Him, we receive salvation. That seems clear
enough; but, on our side, what must such faith involve? Surely, at least
the following:

(a) believing all He said and did;

(b) believing all that He believed (as revealed in the
gospels and epistles;

(c) heeding His, and His disciples, warnings.

Unless these elements are present when we offer our lives to Him, how
can we begin to trust Him with the destiny of our immortal souls? Is our
relationship with Him at the level of, "We agree with much of the Bible,
and, particularly, with much of what you had to say, but, of course,
you, our Creator, lived in a pre-scientific, pre-darwinian age. Clearly,
when you informed Moses that you created birds on day 5, and land
animals on day 6, you were mistaken - for that's not the way we see it!"

Can anything be more preposterous! But that's just about the truth of
the matter for you TEs, isn't it?

Brian, the gospels record a number of instances where you, as an
evolutionist, would have to disagree with Him in whom, through faith,
you have salvation! Is this a healthy state of affairs? Why are you so
convinced that evolution was God's method of creating? Do you possess
concrete proof of this? If you do, I should be grateful to know what it

Earlier, you suggested that my 'Mt.Carmel challenge' plays into the
hands of the likes of Richard Dawkins. I disagree. Closer to the truth,
and to the dismay of your fellow Christians, we find theistic
evolutionists working with atheists to undermine confidence in the
Bible, and in the gospel of Christ.

You conclude with the words:

> This barrier (the 'Mt.Carmel challenge') was erected by (I'm sure)
> well meaning Christians. And so, back to my appeal. My appeal to you
> is that you not be one of these well meaning Christians.

Brian, is evolution really a cause worth defending to the detriment of
your taking and accepting the whole of God's word at face value? For
myself, I would never consider taking that risk: the stakes are far too

However, thank you again for writing moderately, as befits a brother in

Every blessing,


Vernon Jenkins

[Musician, Mining Engineer, and Senior Lecturer in Maths and Computing,
the Polytechnic of Wales (now the University of Glamorgan), 1954-87]