Just a funny thought

Bodester (jbode77@ursa.calvin.edu)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 18:16:34 -0500

As I've heard some good arguments on both sides of the debate, I'm curious
as to how some sides account for some of the attacks on their hypothesizing
/theorizing. Here are some questions I've heard from the creationist
standpoint that I'd like to hear the other side of:

(not my statement, just a paraphrase)
"there are no examples of beneficial genetic mutations that result in an
increase of genetic material. Only ones that appear to help exist and are in
fact harmed information that is a loss of info." (cited examples are usually
moths in England, and one more that slips my mind)
Now, my qs: What examples of "positive" mutations are there? If there are
none, how does the idea still stand or what explanation has replaced it?

One more q:(This one's a kinda funny topic I think)
Where the heck did the platypus evolve from?

Just curious again folks,


Jason Bode