Re: Kevin (I think) said recently:

Kevin O'Brien (
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 18:15:42 -0700

>I can assure you that you
>are greatly appreciated by myself and by everyone else on this
>list (with perhaps one or two exceptions)....

Believe it or not, I am not one of those exceptions. I also greatly
appreciate his insight, his opinions and his contributions. I enjoyed our
previous discussions immensely and have learned alot from reading his posts.
I find him to be one of the best presenters and debators on this list.

That's why I was so surprised and hurt by the abruptness and the rancor of
his latest posts to me. I couldn't understand why he was being both so
dogmatic and so evassive; it wasn't anything like his previous
contributions, and I was deeply disappointed. Had I no appreciation for
Burgy I wouldn't have cared, and so I would have ignored him. It was
because I did appreciate him that I thought I could persuade him that he was
acting foolishly. Unfortunately I overreacted and used the wrong methods.
For that I apologize. However, I would not hesitate to again try to improve
the quality of contributions to this list.

Which is why I bear no ill will towards Brian. In his own way he is trying
to do the same thing (though his methods are more brutal than mine).

>...and that no one is falling for this crap.

On the contrary, I have in the last few days received no less than eight
private e-mail messages from list members saying that they agree with me and
that they would have reacted the same if Burgy had responded to them the way
he had responded to me. The only difference was they would have ignored him
because they did not appreciate him as much I did.

Kevin L. O'Brien