The Odds of the Big Bang, Abiogenesis, and Evolution

Matthew Bell (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:09:32 -0000

>>Matthew Bell
>>Can anyone tell me how likely (the odds) are for the
>>exact right circumstances for the occurrence of:
>a) the big bang
>b) abiogenesis
>c) evolution

>Pim van Muers
> Unlikely since we do not know the parameters involved.

Matthew Bell
Do you mean unlikely that someone can give the odds, or unlikely that the exact
right circumstances were present for them to occur?

If they were likely, wouldn't they re-occur?

>Pim van Muers

Matthew Bell
I participate on a Biblical Errancy email list. A recent thread, entitled, 'How
likely is it'? has argued from the perspective that in view of the many
miraculous events which the Israelites of the Exodus witnessed their
disbelieving and grumbling attitude is extremely unlikely providing a sound
basis for disregarding them as cultural myths. The idea hit upon me that a good
way of showing the fallacious nature of such an argument is to present
something which the errantist will regard as true and hold to, i.e. the big
bang, abiogenesis and evolution and then present the statistics showing how the
occurrence of these having occurred is extremely unlikely.