Re: The Evolutionist: Liar, Believer In Miracles, King of Criminals.

Joseph Mastropaolo (
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 10:35:05 -0700

> > Well, Joseph, when no one accepted your betting challenges, you called
>them "four-flushing" liars, so since you have not accepted my betting
> challenging, by your own criteria that means that you too are a
> four-flushing liar.
> So, we are all liars. Can we know dispense with betting challenges and
> discuss the facts like gentlemen?
> Kevin L. O'Brien

I accepted and demanded that the wager be put in escrow to insure its
proper distribution with the force of law. You do not submit to the law,
which is based on morality, and that was why you reneged and why you are
still stuck with "liar."

Until you can submit to the law and morality and politesse, you have no
chance of becoming a gentleman. You do not qualify.

Let's see a reformation and some restitution. Then, let's talk about it.

For example, is the purposeful falsification of data, like Haeckel did,
a high crime against science? A "yes" or "no" will do.

Joseph Mastropaolo