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Vernon Jenkins (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 00:15:20 +0100

Pim van Meurs wrote:
> First of all you are confused in your belief that Darwinism exclude the possibility of a God. Second of all these 'apparant' messages have been shown to be in not just the bible but almost any book. Are you suggesting that the UN is divinely inspired as well or for that matter many authors of fiction ? There have been several good articles in Sceptic Inquirer about this, showing that these 'messages' are hardly. The results are that 'if you seek long enough, you will find almost anything".
> Codes in the Bible ? Codes in the UN charter ? .....
> I guess the intellectual integrity of Darwinism has been upheld ? :-)


Thank you for responding to my postings. I will deal with the matters
raised in your first communication in reverse order.

1) Regarding the uniqueness of my findings:

I cannot agree that such phenomena are commonplace, as you appear to
believe. Assuming that you have studied the material on my website in
some detail, I am surprised that you can honestly believe that
equivalent (or better) instances may be found in 'almost any book'. Let
me rehearse just a few of the many numerical features of the Hebrew
Bible's first verse - bearing in mind the historical fact that this
people introduced a system of alphabetic numeration c.200BC - centuries
after the words were first written

. the 7 words read (fairly) as numbers total 2701
. 2701 = 37 x 73 = 73rd triangular number
. the digit sum of each of the participants is 10 - radix of our
number system
. 37 is one of just two numbers which exhibit a 3-fold symmetry when
represented as a collection of uniform counters: octagon, hexagon and
hexagram; it may also be realised geometrically as the difference
between the cubes of 4 and 3, thus: 64 - 27 = 37
. 73 - the other factor of 2701 - possesses a hexagram symmetry that
is built around the hexagon and hexagram forms of 37

and, concerning the Creator, Jesus Christ (Jn.1:3,10; Col 1:16),
we obtain, by evaluation of the Greek Name and Title, 2368, or 37 x

I should be grateful, therefore, if you would advise me where I might
find an equivalent (or better) confluence of notable features, so
strategically-placed in a work expressed in a language which lends
itself to fair evaluations of the kind described - evaluations that came
into being subsequent to the initial penning of the words.

2) Regarding my alleged confusion:

No, I don't believe I have misunderstood the significance of the
empirical data unearthed. Let me explain:

. the phenomena speak eloquently of intelligent design; the
circumstances in which they occur precludes a naturalistic
explanation; it is logical, therefore, to conclude that they have been
devised and placed there by God to achieve some serious purpose
. appearing at this point in time - the world rapidly moving to a
pre-flood condition (Gen 6:5), we may reasonably infer that this
purpose is to allow man no possible excuse for rejecting the gracious
invitation of His Son, Our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ (eg Rev 3:20)
. considering the miraculous clothing of the words of Gen 1:1 with
numbers, it is reasonable to believe that our Creator meant every word
of the creation narrative to be taken literally
. in effectively removing atheistic pressure from the believer, the
need to bring the millstone of a flawed scientific theory into one's
faith disappears
. all problems associated with interpreting the Scriptures to meet
the requirements of Darwinism are resolved: one just believes what one
reads, and lives by it!

In short, those who choose to believe that a loveless and bloody process
like evolution was used by God to achieve His ends - then to be
pronounced, 'Very Good', by Him - are in error. The phenomena described
are intended to highlight this, and offer release through belief in the
Word of God.

3) Your upholding of the intellectual integrity of Darwinism:

No. I don't believe you've achieved that.

Your second and third communications major on Drosnin et al. I have only
a limited interest in these matters. As I said in 'The Other Bible
Code', I am prepared to believe the claims to be true - in which case
they would represent another avenue by which God is correcting man's
fertile imaginations in our day.