Re: Information: Brad's reply (was Information: a very

Glenn R. Morton (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 14:57:26 -0500

At 11:03 AM 6/28/98 -0700, Greg Billock wrote:
>Glenn Morton replying here to Brad:
>> >Further more you have not refuted my calculations with anything but your
>> >personal opinion which does not seem to be based on any knowledge of the
>> >material you are discussing.
>> >
>> >You misunderstand the basics of information theory if you think that
>> >noise consists of or can create information in any form whatsoever.
>> You are equivocating on the word 'information' as meaning semantics. My son
>> is a EE and you guys talk about fidelity of the MESSAGE being conveyed.
>> But that is not informational content of a sequence. Yocky states
>This is exactly right, and we will have made significant progress here
>when everyone has finally understood that

I want to clarify one thing in Greg's post that didn't seem clear to me at
least. In the above, Brad Jones wrote the lines with >> > and I wrote the
ones with >> in front of them. and now, Greg Billock wrote the ones with
the > in front of them.

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