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On Mon, 15 Jun 1998 19:56:00 -0500, Glenn R. Morton wrote:

>>GM>Let's differentiate Darwin's views of evolution and modern
>>>views of evolution. You can find lots of modern biologists who
>>>don't believe what Darwin believed as to details of the mechanism
>>>and gradualism. That doesn't mean that they are disagreeing with
>>>evolution, they are just disagreeing with the mechanism of
>>>evolution presented by Darwin.

>SJ>How about giving examples of these "lots of modern biologists
>>who" are "disagreeing with the mechanism of evolution presented
>>by Darwin", ie. variation and natural selection.

GM>I would refer you to most of the people you quote as
>disagreeing with Darwinism.

As I pointed out in my example of Gould (which you conveniently
deleted), while biologists may disagree with aspects of "Darwinism" it
does not follow that they `disagree with the mechanism of evolution
presented by Darwin,' ie. variation and natural selection."

So how about *you* substantiating *your* claim by "giving examples
of these `lots of modern biologists who' are `disagreeing with the
mechanism of evolution presented by Darwin', ie. variation and
natural selection"?

If you fail to substantiate your claim, you will support what Johnson
wrote about evolutionists making "natural selection to appear and
disappear on command":

"Manipulation of the terminology also allows natural selection to
appear and disappear on command. When unfriendly critics are
absent, Darwinists can just assume the creative power of natural
selection and employ it to explain whatever change or lack of change
has been observed. When critics appear and demand empirical
confirmation, Darwinists can avoid the test by responding that
scientists are discovering alternative mechanisms, particularly at the
molecular level, which relegate selection to a less important role. The
fact of evolution therefore remains unquestioned, even if there is a
certain amount of healthy debate about the theory. Once the critics
have been distracted, the Blind Watchmaker can reenter by the back
door. Darwinists will explain that no biologist doubts the Importance
of Darwinian selection, because nothing else was available to shape
the adaptive features of the phenotypes." (Johnson P.E., "Darwin on
Trial", 1993, pp153-154)


"Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented."
--- Dr. William Provine, Professor of History and Biology, Cornell University.

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