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> It is called
>>'In the Beginning was Information'. Gitt is Professor and Director (BTW,
>>Professor in Germany is not like the US definition where every junior
>>lecturer is a professor) at the Federal Institute of Physics and
>>Technology. Also, you could usefully read Spetner's book (the one shown in
>>the video.) It admittedly does not go into the technical details like
>>Gitt's. Spetner, who has looked at all the biological examples usually
>>cited of 'evolution happening', (and declared that in each case the point
>>mutation causes an information loss) studied signal/noise relationships in
>>DNA as a Johns Hopkins fellow, and has published on the subject in the
>>Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical biology.

>Why is there no reference with this? No one can check him out if he
>doesn't give references. It always gets me when people make statements that
>can't be verified, like this above.

Using Alta Vista I managed to find an article entitled "Evolution,
Randomness, and Hashkafa" by a Dr. Lee Spetner. it can be found at

During the search I turned up many files with titles related
to Archaeopteryx which I thought was interesting. Looking
at these I found that an L.M. Spetner was coauthor with Hoyle
and Wickramasinghe in the papers which tried to expose
Archaeopteryx as a hoax:

a photographic study. British Journal of Photography.
1985, 132(8 March), 264-266.

Spetner, L.M.; Hoyle, F.; Wickramasinghe, N.C. &
Magaritz, M. (1988) Archaeopteryx - more evidence for
a forgery. The British Journal of Photography, 135: 14-17.

Anyone know if this Spetner is the same as the info Spetner?

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