Re: Dawkins' video

Ed Brayton (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:12:02 -0400

David J. Tyler wrote:
> Ed Brayton had written:
> > > > I would like to suggest that until the original video is seen, we have
> > > > no idea whether Gillian Brown is telling the truth.
> My response:
> > > I believe her.
> On Friday 12th June, Ed Brayton wrote:
> > I'm curious to know why. I am reserving judgement at this point. I don't
> > know Gillian Brown, nor do I know Richard Dawkins.......
> > In the meantime, though, I am curious as to why
> > you say you believe her at this point. There doesn't seem to be any
> > rational reason to take such a position (I believe her, as opposed to, I
> > don't have enough information to make that judgement at this time). Is
> > it simply because you want her to be telling the truth? ...
> A brief response: I have had some previous communication with Gillian
> Brown and I consider her to be a person of integrity, dedicated to
> truth.

Understood. Given that you have previous experience with Ms. Brown, it
is reasonable to give her the benefit of the doubt. I myself will simply
have to reserve judgement until I have seen the unedited videotape. I
must say that the openness with which Ms. Brown has answered my pesky
questions seems to suggest preliminarily that she is telling the truth.