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GM>Let's differentiate Darwin's views of evolution and modern views of
>evolution. You can find lots of modern biologists who don't believe what
>Darwin believed as to details of the mechanism and gradualism. That
>doesn't mean that they are disagreeing with evolution, they are just
>disagreeing with the mechanism of evolution presented by Darwin.

How about giving examples of these "lots of modern biologists who" are
"disagreeing with the mechanism of evolution presented by Darwin", ie.
variation and natural selection.

BTW don't cite Stephen Jay Gould, because when the chips are down, he
has no real alternative to "the mechanism of evolution presented by
Darwin" in the building of *design*:

"Since the ultras are fundamentalists at heart, and since fundamentalists
generally try to stigmatize their opponents by depicting them as apostates
from the one true way, may I state for the record that I (along with all
other Darwinian pluralists) do not deny either the existence and central
importance of adaptation, or the production of adaptation by natural
selection. Yes, eyes are for seeing and feet are for moving. And, yes again,
I know of no scientific mechanism other than natural selection with the
proven power to build structures of such eminently workable design."
(Gould S.J., "Darwinian Fundamentalism", New York Review of Books, June 12,


"Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented."
--- Dr. William Provine, Professor of History and Biology, Cornell University.

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