Re: Growing problems?????

Glenn R. Morton (
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 13:23:34 -0500

At 07:44 AM 6/13/98 -0500, Ron Chitwood wrote:
>>>>>If more and more people are rejecting evolution it would follow that
>are accepting creation. If they aren't, what are they accepting?<<<
>Those that do not accept macroevolution and do not accept creation seem to
>be saying, 'I don't know' and 'perhaps the answer will be found at some
>future date'. To quote Denton in EVOLUTION: A THEORY IN CRISIS. pp 358.
>"The mystery of mysteries - the origin of new beings on earth - is still
>largely as enigmatic as when Darwin set sail on the Beagle."

Yes, but I keep asking. Can you document that that is what they are saying
without going to a christian book? (and Denton is a Christian)


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