Re: starvation all over the world

Ron Chitwood (
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 08:03:15 -0500

>>>The mathematical argument rests upon the assumption that one and only
sequence will provide the specified function. That is where the
creationist mathematical argument fails.<<<
You apparently disagree with the book MATHEMATICAL CHALLENGES TO THE
as retold in CREATION AND EVOLUTION by Hayward, pp 38

> >>>> Let's examine this statement. The important thing about a
> sentence is the conveying of a particular meaning. This is the
> function of a string of letters. Now, Gish could have said, "The
> biological activity of each protein is due to the arrangement of
> the amino acids, just as the meaning imparted by this sentence is
> determined by the sequence of the 152 letters in it." or "The
> enzymatic activity of a protein is caused by the order of the
> amino acids, just as the meaning of this sentence is given by the
> order of the 125 letters in it." <<<

Not sure what you are driving at. All this shows is order to disorder,
something I and 2LoT agree with. Please elucidate.

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