Re: Dawkins' video

Glenn R. Morton (
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 20:02:40 -0500

I am going to add one more item to my comments on the video. The
anti-evolutionists have been quiet about this. and I would like to ask them
if the facts are as presented, is this a proper way for Christians to behave?

I would also like to suggest that anytime we, as those interested in
apologetices, ignore or distort clear observational data, we are doing the
very same thing as was done in the video. We are presenting an account or
scenario that does not rigorously adhere to what actually happened and what
the actual observational data was. In the case of the video, the actual
observational data (what really happened) was not that a guy in a purple
shirt asked Dawkins a question. Someone else did it. It doesn't matter
that the producer thinks is is exactly like what happened, because IT ISN'T
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. And for Christians to say that there is NO evidence
for transitional forms in the fossil record is clearly erroneous and
ignores the evidence that does exist. If one wishes to dispute that
evidence one must actually discuss the morphological details of the
pertinent fossils, but one must not ignore what the opponent says is evidence.


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