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Glenn R. Morton (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 19:27:58 -0500

I have received a reply to my criticisms of the Video From a Frog to a
Prince. The reply is from the producer Ms. Gillian Brown. I have received
permission from her to repost her reply to this group. Fairness and
honesty requires that I do that. She has also requested that I add
another paragraph to the bottom of the reply. I will distinguish the two
replies and not comment further in this post. I will comment on her
explanation in a subsequent post.

****Begin First reply.*******
From: Gillian Brown <xxxxI erased her email address -grmxxxxx>
Subject: From a Frog to a Prince
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 18:52:00 +1000

Dear Glen Morton,

I am the producer of the video "From A Frog to a Prince", which you
have reviewed for the ASA journal. I conducted the interview with
Professor Richard Dawkins, and I should like to respond to your comments which
appeared recently on the internet.

Firstly, your observation is correct that the presenter is recorded in
a different location, and not at the location of the interview. The
presenter was not present at the interview and all his back-cut
questions were recorded later. However, it is not true, as Richard Dawkins
claimed to you, that he was never asked the question. Nor is it correct
that the interview originated from a CBC broadcast.

I asked him the question as it appears repeated by the presenter in
the video. The question is word-for-word verbatim as it was asked him. His
response to the question was the long pause, as seen on the video. He then
asked me to switch off the camera. (That request is edited out of the
video.) Then he gave the unedited response which follows in the video,
that evolution happened a long time ago and we would not expect to see such
changes today. A response which clearly does not answer the question.

Since the question is in fact the same question, and the response is portrayed
faithfully it would be a severe distortion of the truth to suggest that
this common documentary practice has been in any way used to mislead the
viewer. It is our policy to represent the views of those on both sides of
the debate fairly and without manipulation.

The original, unedited, recording of the interview is available for
viewing by anyone who may doubt the integrity of this production.
The release form signed by Dr. Dawkins granting his permission to use
the interview is in my possession.

Gillian Brown,
Director, Keziah Productions
*****BEGIN ADDITION****************
From: Gillian Brown <xxxxxxx>
Subject: From a Frog...
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:46:35 +1000

[part snipped at Ms Brown's request]

When you repost my reply I would like to add the following comment:

The question of whether evolutionary processes can increase genetic
information, as discussed in the video "From a Frog to a Prince", is one
which is often swept under the carpet. We know that great variation
within species does result from rearrangement or loss of genetic
information, but this does not explain the supposed macroevolutionary
transition from simple life forms to complex ones with far greater genetic
information. Where does the new information come from? As far as I know,
not even one single example of new information resulting from random
mutations and natural selection has ever been presented. This is an
important question which should be openly debated. If new information
cannot be shown to come through evolutionary mechanisms then the only
alternative is intelligent design, an option which may be repugnant to
some, but which should surely be considered as a possible explanation.

I would be grateful if you would keep me informed of the development of
this discussion.

Kind regards,

******END LAST PARAGRAPH********

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