DNA from all kingdoms etc

Cliff Lundberg (cliff@noevalley.com)
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 00:41:08 -0700

RJD wrote:

> Genomic surveys of diverse organisms will yield much higher
> percentages of "foreign" DNA in each genome that is currently
> known. By this I mean I will not be surprised (even expect)
> plant genomes to yield fungal DNA genes, animals genomes to
> yield portions of DNA from all kingdoms etc...

What will this mean for evolutionary theory? It will imply a
tangle of relationships and a sort of evolution not presently
envisaged. The Cambrian explosion always did require a special
explanation, a theory explaining this formative period. When
this formative evolution is elucidated, some creationists will
reject it as just more undirected naturalism, but perhaps some
will embrace it as the miraculous time of creation.

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff@noevalley.com