Dawkins' video (was: a transitional turtle)

Mon, 08 Jun 98 13:34:00 -0500


You stated: (regarding DNA information increasing)
"A highly compressible sequence - 010101010101010101 has
little informaiton and is highly compressible being
represeneted by a shorter sequence of "8' 01"".

I was going to cite examples of higher organisms and ask you
if when they lose certain abilities and requirements for
survival, (warmer fur, webbed feet, etc), can they get it

However, to simplify my question, you're saying that the
primordal soup cells contained the same DNA information or
information that is compressed in a similar code as in ,
oh...say the human brain cell today?

Oh, hey,...that Truman Show post was truly intended as

Your brother in Christ,

Dan Muller