Re: The Truman Show

Ed Brayton (
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 12:33:34 -0400

mullerd@chplink.CHP.EDU wrote:
> Glenn,
> You recently stated that you went to a movie that had an
> amazing correlation to the way Creationists view the world.
> The movie was The Truman Show.
> By sheer coincidence, Ed saw the same movie at the same time
> and drew the same conclusion.

Just a slight correction. I did not draw the same conclusion that Glenn
drew from this movie, nor did I imply in my message that I did. I only
said that the movie raised many interesting questions. It never occured
to me to draw any analogies from the movie to creationism. The questions
I referred to really had more to do with how a culture, and especially
mass media, can create a reality that everyone buys in to and accepts
without questioning. In other words, it provoked a far stronger reaction
from Ed Brayton the Libertarian, than from Ed Brayton the Evolutionist.