Re: Introduction

Ed Brayton (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 23:00:43 -0400

Stephen Jones wrote:

> One of my major criticisms of Glenn is that (in my experience at least) he rarely
> admits his errors and usually either ignores critcisms against his own views (eg.
> his 5.5 mya Adam/Noah theory), or tries to launch a counter-attack against those
> who offer such criticisms.
> This is even more reprehensible because it is Glenn who, more than anyone
> else on this Reflector, pontificates about the need for Christians to admit error and
> seek truth, and to be better at truth-seeking than non-Christians. The only problem
> is Glenn rarely applies his own principles to himself.

In only the short time I have been on this list, I have twice seen Glenn
post completely unsolicited messages concerning updates on claims he has
made that showed that his original use of the argument might not have
been accurate. Totally unprovoked, not in the context of any discussion,
just a post saying, "Hey, I was wrong, and here is where you can find
updated information."

You, on the other hand, have made accusations without bothering to back
them up, and refused to retract those accusations even after the utter
failure to support them. Someone sound the hypocrisy alert!