Re: The Truman Show

Ed Brayton (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 17:35:41 -0400

Glenn R. Morton wrote:
> Yesterday I went to see the Truman Show. It is the first Jim Carey movie I
> had ever been tempted to see. I would recommend it. I will not give away
> the movie but there is an analogy between the movie and a common
> apologetical position in the area of creation/evolution. The movie's
> premise is that an entire fake world was created for Truman who didn't
> suspect a thing. The world was contained in a dome but has the appearance
> of extent. Light's create a fake sun, fake stars, and a fake moon. The sea
> has induced waves, induced wind, artifical beaches. The man is given an
> artificial history by a creator who 'loves' his creation.
> This is a perfect study in how people react to falsehood and hypocrisy on
> the part of a creator as well as how people rationalize their own part in
> maintaining the falsehood. Excellent show, excellent argument against
> creation with the appearance of age!

By sheer coincidence, I got this message upon returning from seeing this
movie. I agree that it was very well done, the first time I have ever
enjoyed anything with Jim Carrey in it. It does raise all sorts of
interesting questions.