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Glenn R. Morton (
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 19:43:08 -0500

At 04:42 PM 6/6/98 -0500, Ron Chitwood wrote:
>>>>So if all the world in the NT can be used locally and I have shown you
>all the land can be used locally in the OT, why must it, with out any
>doubt, be global in usage in Genesis 6-9? I see no evidence here just
>I might have answered this before. Gen. 7:18-22 makes it obvious that the
>whole earth, not just a portion of land, was under floodwaters. therefore,
>when 'kol erets' is used in Gen. 6-9, the context of the 'whole earth' is

Lets try this again. What is the specific contextual evidence for the
requirement that the flood be global? I haven't seen you present this. I
may have missed it however.

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